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Tearoute is a Greek concern, created with the idea of presenting a wide range of teas together with a wealth of Mediterranean herbs and spices...

Tearoute thus offers customers all the distinctive flavours of the Mediterranean in combination with the teas of the Orient.
Mediterranean herbs, fruits, flowers and fragrant spices find natural partners in blends of exquisitely scented teas. Chamomile, mountain tea, lavender, sage, rosemary, as well as cinnamon, Chios mastic, clove, figs, apricots, oranges, and richly scented blossoms including rose and jasmine are paired with black, green and white teas from the gardens of the Far East.  

Tea at Tearoute

"Tea shows a thousand and one faces".
(Lu Yu, 8th c.)

A thousand and one faces corresponding to the thousand reasons why a person in London, St Petersburg, Calcutta, Beijing or Athens prefers his own tea, prepared in his own way.

Those reasons are why we wanted to import teas from the very best plantations in the East (China, Japan, India), adapted to the palate of a Mediterranean connoisseur. For centuries, tea occupied a proprietary place in the lives of different peoples and cultures. Today, it is finding its place on this side of the Mediterranean.

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