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Salvia Officinalis

Botanical name: Salvia Officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae

Garden sage or common sage, golden sage, kitchen sage, true sage, culinary sage, Dalmatian sage, and broadleaf sage.

The Latin name salvia comes from salvare ending up sage meaning "the herb that relieves or cures".

Plant Description

Sage is a perennial, evergreen subshrub, with woody stems, grayish leaves and blue to purplish flowers.Salvia fruticosa is known as the Greek sage or salvia officinalis.


The chief constituent of Sage and its active principle is a yellow or greenish-yellow volatile oil with a penetrating odour. Tannin and resin are also present in the leaves.


Sage plant has stomach, tonic and cardiotonic properties and is also used in neuralgia.

Sage tea is used as an anti-perspirant (especially during the night sweat of tuberculous and neuropathic), in cases of injury of the mouth, thrush, pharyngitis and gingivitis. It is used to improve urinary abnormalities,and can minimize the symptoms of menopause.

Also, it has been considered an appetite stimulant, but above all it is an antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Other utilities are cleaning of the blood and even improving liver functions. The decoction is taken and served immediately after being prepared. If it remains long enough with the boiled leaves, bitter substances grow in the beverage and its flavor becomes unpleasant.

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