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LADY Green
LADY Green

LADY Green

We call it Lady Green, because it is free and natural. It’s the very expression of life…ORGANIC.

“Lady”, to honor, with humor, its ability to always be itself, at all times, far from the beauty clichés set by traditional cosmetics brands or Instagram beauty that erases all personality.

“Green”, because it is sensitive to all that is good that our planet brings us: its plant-based ingredients and life essence, as well as its energy, balance, harmony and beauty.

Lady Green is young but has character, refuses to stick to one way of thinking and only seeks true pleasure. The pleasure that we share, that is enriched with curiosity and boldness, and that awakens the senses so that we can fully enjoy emotion…turning away from the artificial to regain empathy.

Lady Green is precious… because it is Healthy!
Lady Green is rare… because it is Sincere!
Lady Green is beautiful… because it is Natural!

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