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Florascent Parfumers
Florascent Parfumers

Florascent Parfumers

Florascent presents organic fragrant creations by master perfumer Roland Tentunian, who pays a tribute to the tradition of the 17th century art of perfumery.

The house was founded in 1991 in Germany.

Florascent natural and organic perfumes combine pure flower essences and aromatic waters to create captivating scent compositions.
Precious, organic raw materials produce unique scents, which are hand bottled, hand sealed, and packed in unique handmade paper containers.

* Hypoallergenic ~ ideal for sensitive skins.
* Florascent use natural essential oils rather than synthetics.
* Florascent perfumes are phthalate free.
* Florascent perfumes do NOT contain animal Musk / Nitromusk compounds.
* Florascent perfumes do NOT test on animals.
* Florascent perfumes do NOT use preservatives or artificial colours.
* Florascent perfumes contain exclusively herbal components.
* Suitable for Vegans.

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