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Emma Noel
Emma Noel

Emma Noel

Since 2004 Emma Noël has been an organic cosmetics brand dedicated to the benefits of virgin plant oils. Supported by an oil-mill and specialist laboratory, every oil is the source of a quality organic treatment.

We have physico-chemical expertise and high-performance equipment to identify in each organic oil the source of a moisturising, emollient, restructuring, regenerating, anti-age treatment at the heart of our products.

Dermatology tested, Emma Noël products are perfectly suited to body hygiene, hair, face and body care.

It is a natural ecological line with a hint of freshness for all the family.

Emma Noël cosmetic oils are extracted from the first cold pressing of oil-producing seeds, nuts and fruits. The use of non-pollutant mechanical processes preserves all the qualities of oils, real concentrates of naturally beneficial ingredients: vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids which help to rejuvenate cells in the body and skin in particular.

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