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Dr. Scheller
Dr. Scheller

Dr. Scheller

Only a healthy skin is able to unfold your beauty and charisma.

Against this background and with the know-how from pharmacy and herbal medicine, Dr. Hans-Ulrich SCHELLER developed the first APOTHEKER SCHELLER-products in 1986.

Nowadays, nothing has changed in terms of our quality standard: by researching the forces and active principles of nature, we develop care products which are optimally adapted to the needs of your skin.

Using pure natural ingredients, precious oils and high quality extracts, Dr. Scheller has created innovative, effective and organic certified products for the daily care of your skin.

In addition, Dr.SCHELLER applies the NanoSolves®-technology and thus combines the gentle, natural care and the deep effectiveness in an extraordinary way.

The products are certified with the BDIH-seal for controlled natural cosmetics.


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