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 Cultivator’s Organic herbal hair colors are mixtures of 100% organic and natural botanicals. We use organic and natural pigment precursors botanicals like Henna, Indigo, Cassia, Aloe, Amla, Rubia, Hibiscus etc. There is no side effect and it makes hairs healthy. Chamomile works as an anti-irritant agent. Use of Henna and Aloe vera keeps the conditioning effect on the hair; also improve the texture of the color mixture. Aloe vera, Amla, Moringa makes hair soft, nourish and support to hair regeneration. Sidr work as natural hair volumizer in the formulation.

“Our products are 100% free from chemical ingredients; the chemically synthesized Pigment Precursors (P-Phenyldiamine (PPD) as color developer; which causes irritation and hair damage, Synthetic Thickener or Texturizer, Synthetic conditioners, Ammonia or Amine as alkalizing agent, Hydrogen peroxide as oxidising agent which destroys melanin particles and lighten hair color, Thioglycol acid or Urea as hair cuticle softener which damages hair roots, texture and strength.”

Hairs are hydrophilic in nature. Keeping in mind of the hair nature; Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. has developed water soluble herbal hair colors. So, they easily adhere to the hair cuticle and penetrates the cortex region of hair and develop color easily by natural oxidation.

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