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Chikko Not Coffee

Chikko Not Coffee

Coffee is delicious.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in an occasional boost from a caffeine-containing beverage.
Believe us, we are not coffee haters. But drinking coffee all day every day, and still more coffee late into the evening ... we think that’s nuts.

Our answer is Chikko. Not Coffee.

We are a group of friends who believe in using your body’s natural energy to live. Perhaps that sounds a bit vague or spiritual, but it is quite simple.
People are busier than ever and need their rest. Ideally, we'd bottle 'rest' to sell. Rest, however, is difficult to place in a jar with a barcode.

Our caffeine-free coffee alternative fits perfectly in a jar. It prevents restlessness, helping to keep you calm and relaxed. Don’t let caffeine wind you up…

Our production facility is situated in Bunnik, close to Utrecht. You are always welcome for a cup of Not Coffee.

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