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Avril Organic
Avril Organic

Avril Organic

Avril was launched in April 2012.
Our mission is to make organic cosmetics affordable for every woman.

Each product is subject to strict quality controls since we are very demanding about quality: colours are intense, textures are comfortable, fragrances are fresh and delicate, and products have a long lasting finish!

In addition our organic range is certified by an independent label, Ecocert.
It guarantees that at least 95% of the total ingredients are natural or from natural origin, and minimum 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.

And lastly, in accordance with European regulations, we do no animal testing, whether for raw materials or for finished products.

Whenever possible we reduce packaging removing all unnecessary packaging.

Our goal is to make our organic cosmetics affordable for all women.
As we like making things simpler, we provide low and rounded off prices all year long, without making you wait for promotions.

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