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Matarrania 100% ORGANIC - Neckline Firming Moisturiser

with oil Sage, Geranium, Lemongrass & Beeswax

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Anti-aging  nourishing cream that gives elasticity and firmness to your neck and décolleté, thanks to its wild Sage from Aragon, Geranium and Lemongrass essential oil.
Restores eslasticity and firmness to your neckline by deeply nourishing and replenishing skin.


  • Organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil (Olea europaea fruit oil) is an excellent emollient, humectant ingredient for the skin. Remarkably high in Vitamin E, polyphenol, fatty acids (oleic, linoleic ) and squalene.
  • Organic virgin cold-pressed sweet almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil) strongly recommended for sensitive, delicate skin and high in linoleic fatty acid and vitamins A, B , E.
  • Organic cold-pressed hazelnut oil (coryllus avellana seed oil) highly nourishing, regenerating and firming. Soft , gentle and quick absorption oil.
  • Organic Spanish sage essential oil (salvia officinalis ssp lavadulifolia extract). The whole plant with flower is cold-process in olive oil. It is a popular Mediterranean plant for its hormonal balancing properties for women  and its healing benefits. Stimulates natural defence of the skin by fighting free radicals.
  • Organic Geranium essential oil (Perlagonium graveolens). Excelent and well known cellular regenerator . Pungent rose aroma.
  • Organic Lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus oil) Great stimulating of veins circulation, anti-inflammatory and relaxing. Smells lemon and violet .
  • Virgen beeswax (cera alba) protects skin from environmental damage by providing smoothness, softness and hydration to the skin.

Apply a small amount to clean skin with a gentle massage.

Sweet almond oil, Rose Geranium, Olive fruit oil, Sunflower , Salvia Officinalis, Sesame seed oil,

Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil* and Salvia lavandulifolia (sage) extract*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (almonds) oil*, Corylus avellana (hazelnut) seed oil*, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, Sesamum indicum (sesame) oil*, Cera alba (beeswax)*, Rosa moschata (rosehip) seed oil*,  Pelargonium roseum (geranium) oil*, Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass) oil*. * from Organic farming (100% ingredients). (Contains linalool, citronellol, geraniol, limonene, naturally ocurred in essential oils ).

100% certified organic ingredients.
100% virgin, cold pressed vegetable oils.
0% preservatives.
With 100% organic spanish extra virgin olive oil cold pressed with Protected Designation of Origin.

MATARRANIA is a project promoted by Evelyn, a working woman and mother, with the aim of offering a personal, authentic, natural option in the skincare sector. Her interest for popular rural culture led her to compile ancient skincare formulae. In all of them, the main ingredient and protagonist is olive oil.

MATARRANIA seeks simple, efficient, practical cosmetics.  A range of gentle skincare products that protects us and makes us feel good.

100% of our raw products are organic and certified.
The British Organic Soil Association http://www.soilassociation.org certifies all our cosmetics as Organic

MATARRANIA's containers are manufactured with 30% recycled glass while the packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper.