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Najel - Liquid Aleppo Soap 20% Organic Bay Laurel Oil

Mild cleansing for face, body, hands & hair

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Suitable for all skin types
Skin-soothing properties
Purely plant-based

The liquid soap encompasses all the benefits of the Aleppo bar soap. It is made of pure olive oil and bay laurel oil. Nourishing and skin-soothing oils care for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin.

The soap is enriched with 20% soothing organic bay laurel oil that cleanses the skin without damaging it and soothes minor irritations. The natural suppleness of the skin is restored and it is protected against any irritations.


The soap is made with pure plant oils thus creating a delicate lather.
Free from synthetic foaming agents.
The liquid soap provides excellent cleansing properties even though it has a low foaming effect.


Najel's Liquid soaps are multi purpose.

  • Use as liquid hand wash
  • face wash
  • body wash
  • shower gel or
  • hair shampoo.

Suitable for frequent use.
Apply to wet skin or hair, lather and rinse.

Aqua (Water)Potassium Olivate [1]Potassium Laurelate [1]Glycerin [1]Sodium BenzoatePotassium SorbatePotassium Hydroxide
from controlled organic agriculture