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Laboratoire Altho / SILHOUETTE BIO

An Invaluable Ally During a Slimming Regime!

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100% natural and organic, made with organic essential oils.

This organic massage oil is bursting with the richness of nature, it holds the properties of the plants that we have carefully selected for their fine quality and influences on the body.

Our ORGANIC SILHOUETTE massage oil is an invaluable ally during a slimming regime.

Its entirely natural formula uses cedar, cypress, mint, and pine essential oils for their capacity to drain and break down fat, all whilst stimulating localised blood flow to help remove broken down fat from cutaneous tissues.
On top of this, it contains toning, antioxidant, tonifying, and rejuvenating properties from apricot kernel, sesame, and musk rose, giving your skin a smooth and firm appearance.

  • After a bath or shower the pores of the skin are open and ready to receive this product.
  • Make this oil penetrate the skin by massaging using circular motions, moving from down to up on the thighs (direction of blood flow back to the heart) before repeating the same movement on the buttocks and legs.
  • Only apply an amount that the skin can fully absorb. A few drops in the palm of the hand should suffice: rub both palms together and spread on the skin with an invigorating massage to help it penetrate.
  • This method ensures that only a thin, protective layer of oil is left on the skin, smoothing and softening it without a greasy feel.
Apricot, Peppermint - Mentha spicata, Pine - Pinus, Rose - Rosa Damascena , Lemon - Citrus medica, Cypress,

Organic virgin plant/vegetable oils derived from Chilean musk rose, apricot kernel sunflower and sesame. Cedar, cypress, lemon, wild mint, and maritime pine essential oils.

Specialist in aromatherapy and phytotherapy,

Laboratoire ALTHO use the best of plants to purpose you a complete range of naturals products for your weel-being!