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All you Need to Know about Clay!

All you Need to Know about Clay!
Clays come from various regions of the world but some are preferred in skin care for their unique properties.

We hope that you will find this guide an easy tool to help you customize their use for specific skin care types, and needs.

Clays, some of the oldest therapeulic materials used by humans, are the most perfect base materials for masks.
Regular use will yield skin that is bright, smooth, clear and supple.  They stimulate circulation, collect and hold skin's natural heat, and promote toxin elimination.

Clays are made up of minerals from the earth including; silicates, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which affect bones, blood pressure and cellular permeability while also acting as moisture regulators. Their unique molecular structure gives clay a remarkable ability to absorb organic compounds, including liquids and toxins. Clays also participate in ionic exchanges, within the skin, to balance the skin's acid level for optimum function.

 Clay therapy includes masks, baths, poultices, scrubs and even emulsions. We offer you the ability to create clay mask treatments, where clay therapy, and aromatherapy, are combined to create uniquely gratifying experiences.

Notes on Clay Intensities
Clays are distinguished by their color, which is also the indicator for their structure and activity. Since the clays are only active when wet, you can determine the intensity of activity by varying the thickness of the mask.

To reduce the intensity of action, shorten the duration of treatment or decrease the thickness of the clay.  To increase the intensity of action, apply a thicker layer of clay or lengthen the duration.

  • Green Illite Clay is best reserved for overactive, oily skin types. It is a strong absorbent and is used primarily for drainage, where it reduces swelling, and in topical applications for sore joints, muscles and arthritis. Green illite is also effective for purifying and detoxing treaments.
  • Red Kaolin Clay, the color resulting from its high Iron content, deep cleans and smooths rough skin and is recommended for aging skin.
  • Pink Kaolin Clay is perfect for general cosmetic use, offering a combination of gentleness and deep cleansing. Note: Red and Pink masks will appear to leave a light red stain behind as you first rinse them off. Don't be alarmed, it fades almost immediately.
  • Yellow Clay  -  a medium strength clay, perfect for normal skin. Makes a wonderful colorant for soaps, or may be used in masks, scrubs, or dusting powders.
  • White Kaolin Clay has a high aluminum content and is very useful for skin repair, cleansing, and toning, it is also gentle enough for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Bentonite Clay is highly absorbent and is used regularly in the cosmetics industry to add texture and volume to masks. Bentonite is hard to work into a smooth paste on its own, but is wonderful combined with Green Illite.  Four pounds added to a bath is reported to be an excellent detoxifying treatment for the body - highly recommended for those with exposure to paint and other chemicals!